Hello Adventurers,

After a prolonged sleep between blog posts, I have finally made the time to update you on the status of Gypsy’s Caravan – Adventure Hostel. It’s June 15, and I had originally envisioned guiding a few trips and excursions by this point. Alas, I’ve been held at a stand still and wait excitedly to lead my first trip.

Why the wait? What’s with the stall? Hasn’t this gone on long enough?? We want to get out there!
Yes. Friends, I hear and feel your thoughts. The hold up: awaiting my guiding permit from AB Parks. In order to guide professionally in Kananaskis Country, you must obtain a Kananaskis Business License as well as an AB Parks Guiding Permit. I had applied for these permits well in advance of my original start date, to ensure that I could start guiding by June. But as anyone who has tried to communicate with the Gov’ can tell you, there is always a longer process involved and waiting period than originally intended. So while I wait patiently, I have been getting all the back end stuff polished and finalized – which, hey, needed to be done anyway. But come on, I just wanna get OUT there! *insert impatient cry face*

In the near future you’ll be seeing Gypsy’s Caravan brochures and ads out and about, promoting Adventure Packages and what the goal is I’m trying to reach. I’ve spent many a night thinking really hard about the different activities, programs, and connections I want to offer through my business, and have come to the conclusion time and again to just start small. I need to simply offer what I currently have, and execute those exceedingly well.  I have some pretty grande ideas for where I see G.C.A.H ending up, but I know that to reach the end point I have to first take on only what I can manage, and not get caught up in the excitement. As hard as it is to do, I gotta reign my imagination in and focus. So this Spring while waiting on my Permit to come through, I’ve done just that: focus.

This focus has been extremely rewarding in its own slow and, honestly, tiresome way. Between lots of adventure detailing, social media-ing, package write ups, figuring out this website, Tiny Home blueprints, grant and funding research, working my day job, local networking, and trying not to forget about my dog and life and friends…I feel like I’ve got a decent grasp on this whole business start-up thing.

Says every entrepreneur everywhere before things blow up. Ha.

So now that you’re up to speed with the current life and times of Gypsy’s Caravan, be ready for a post ANY DAY NOW (fingers crossed) about heading out for our first guided adventure! I cannot wait. Cheers friends, and see ya out there 🙂