Hello you beautiful free spirited peeps.

It’s a cold Monday here in Alberta, which has me cozied up with a cup of coffee and the computer. When you have a need to be outside in any way shape or form, the chilly weather the comes with shoulder season and ultimately Winter can have a dampening effect on a person’s mood. Sometimes, it feels like your ambition to be productive and active just falls away with the leaves, and has you feeling more inclined to get house work and errands done.

Gypsy’s Caravan wants to fight those feelings. I’ve been talking a lot recently with a few local entities such as Cochrane Tourism, Adventure Hub, and Travel Alberta, to try and find ways to promote what my little business has to offer. Despite the air being a bit frosty, this is the PERFECT time for new adventurers and explorers to hit the trail and find out what our beautiful Rocky Mountains is all about! Less crowds, more personal space, better parking, leaves changing colour, more secluded trails….there are so many reasons why Fall is an amazing time to head outside. And I am working hard to share those reasons with as many people as I can.

In order to share those reasons, and to promote why you should experience them with Gypsy’s Caravan, I need to find out what works for promotion and what doesn’t. Hence the above mentioned discussions with local companies, and my current drive to look for new and innovative ways to encourage people to book a trip with me. It’s great to offer a unique and fun experience for brand new outdoors people, but if no one here’s about it, then what’s the point?

I look forward to sharing some different ways I aim to get the word out about my little biz, and hopefully you will be seeing these different promotional streams in the near future!

Have an excellent Fall season friends, stay warm and layer up.